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How to Host the Perfect Summer Gathering

Hosting and gifting just got way easier. And tastier.

Spritz up your summer with this NEW limited edition, Nibbl. Cheers to You cheese box.  

Nibbl. and Chandon Garden Spritz have curated the perfect assortment of cheeses and accoutrements that pair wonderfully with Chandon’s ready to serve spritz.

Whether you’re hosting for a brunch, a picnic, a happy hour, a BBQ dinner, or a party, follow these tips to welcome your guests like a pro! You can also gift it to your favourite spritz lover for their next hosting event.

Assemble the Ultimate Cheese Board

  1. Bring cheeses to room temperature (around 30-45 minutes) before serving to bring out their true flavour.
  2. Place the 4 cheeses on a board and cut into different shapes and sizes for an interesting visual presentation.
  3. Add the crackers and spread for some colour and an extra burst of flavour. You can also add some fruits, nuts, charcuterie and much more.
  4. Be creative and truly make it your own!
  5. We recommend tasting the cheeses in the following order:

Looking for the perfect board? Shop our Boards and More collection.

Pair the Cheeses with Your Favourite Summer Drink

To fully enjoy your experience, pair the cheeses with Chandon Garden Spritz*. If you prefer, you can pair it with your favourite homemade cocktail or mocktail.

 With Chandon Garden Spritz

  1. Simply pour the ready to serve Garden Spritz in a tall wine glass
  2. Essential! Add 1 large ice cube
  3. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and a slice of dried orange

Please drink responsibly.

With a homemade spritz

  1. In a flute or tall wine glass with ice cubes, pour sparkling wine
  2. Add your choice of bitter liqueur
  3. Complete with sparkling water or orange juice
  4. Garnish with orange slices

Make Your Guests Feel Welcomed

Make sure to set the right ambiance, which at times, can be a tad tricky. Luckily, candles are all you need to give your gathering that extra cool & relaxed vibe. Finally, choosing the music is an essential and is often overlooked. Make sure to pick the perfect .

And voilà, you are ready to enjoy a memorable experience in good company!