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A Well Delivered Bite!

Whether you’re satisfying a personal craving, have guests coming over, or you simply want to send your favourite foodie something special, Nibbl delivers curated cheese boxes perfect for any occasion.


The Grand Nibblers®

Discover the all new epic crowd pleaser, perfect for your holiday dinner parties. The Grand Nibblers® takes the stress out of designing the perfect platter. It includes six unique cheeses, artisanal crackers, a spread and a luxury cheeseboard.

Nibbl. Let’s Make it Personal

Everyone loves a good cheeseboard. And every cheese lover has their own personal faves. Like a little Brie? Maybe something goaty? Or even something Italian? Whatever your preference, there’s a delectable Nibbl cheese box tailor-made for your individual taste.

Create Your Own Perfect Nibbl.

A Nibbl is great, but say you want more? No problem! Items available within Nibbl Mix &
Match can be ordered individually or with other items. Simply select the products you want and we’ll do the rest. Whatever you pick, you can’t really go wrong with our
world-class specialty cheeses.

Mac Made in Heaven

Indulge yourself with quite possibly the most uniquely gourmet mac ’n cheese kit around. Yum.

Cheese Tips: Give Your Cheese Some Love

From storing to serving, there’s loads to know about cheese. Here you’ll find great tips on how to maximize your cheese box experience enjoyment.
Learn how to build the cheeseboard of your dreams, with easy to follow serving advice for different cheese varieties. Pairing suggestions, inspired cheese recipes, even how to cut it… it’s all right here.