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Prepping cheese for your cheeseboard makes a big difference in terms of presentation. You will want to vary the sizes and types of cheese to keep it interesting.

For square block cheeses, cut evenly sized wedges. The same can be done for semi-hard round cheeses - it’s like cutting pizza slices! Trim inedible rind off hard cheeses before serving. Arrange wedges however you want and be creative with the placement of fresh fruit or crackers.

With soft fresh cheeses, you can either tear them and arrange on a rustic plate, or if they are really soft (like Ricotta), use a serving dish and dull knife or spreader. Cheese logs are tailor-made for slicing perfect cheese rounds; remember to cut while still chilled before the cheese has come up to room temperature.

Firm rounded whole cheeses like Caciocavallo look great when you slice the entire piece lengthwise to expose the rind. Leave a large’ish chunk intact to create visual interest on your cheeseboard and to allow guests to cut their own cheese pieces if they wish.

Finally, don’t be afraid to go old school and break off irregularly shaped pieces of cheese to add to your board. Whatever you do, your guests will love the mix of flavours and textures put in front of them!