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What's Your Cheese Profile?

Getting behind the rind:
Mild, medium and strong cheeses. Do you know the different flavour profiles?



As you’d expect, mild cheeses are pretty low intensity. Many cheeses can have mild, medium or strong versions of the same cheese so starting off with mild can offer a comfortable introduction to a new cheese. Mild cheeses should be served early on in any cheese tasting because flavours are more subtle and delicate, with fresh milk and cream notes clearly evident.

Mild cheeses include Brie, Ricotta, Soft Fresh Goat Cheese, Bocconcini and Whipped Cheese, to name a few.


With medium cheeses you tend to get a more pronounced and intense experience, with the cheese offering more developed flavours and aromas. Medium cheeses are excellent cheese platter fillers as they have broad appeal and can balance out the options between mild and strong cheeses. Always flavourful and rarely too strong, medium cheeses often carry notes of dried fruit and nuts.

Medium cheeses include Feta, Parmesan, Cantonnier, Paillot de Chèvre and Bleubry, to name a few.


Strong cheeses tend to be hard pressed or veined blue varieties. In cheese circles, these are headline acts, conversation starters, cheeses definitely worth exploring. Essential for any well-picked cheese platter they are best consumed towards the end of a session, as the strong flavours can overpower milder cheeses. Expect strong aromas, crumbly textures, memorable taste and something to discuss amongst friends!

Strong cheeses include Mature Cheddar and Ash Covered Cheeses to name a few.


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