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The Brands Behind Every Great Nibbl.

Nibbl. Signature

Discover Nibbl. Signature - at Nibbl. we've made it our mission to help Canadians explore the wonderful world of cheese. Nibbl. Signatures takes the complexity out of choosing the best cheese (and accompaniments!) with thoughtfully selected items recommended by our team of experts. Curated with love. Chosen with care.

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Alexis de Portneuf

It was here in Saint-Raymond de Portneuf in 1842 that young Alexis Cayer settled. The land was perfect for pasture, and over the years, his family became master cheesemakers. Today, their specialty cheeses win the world’s most prestigious awards. Yet, they're still in the same village, because their passion is still rooted in the land.

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Cathedral City

As the UK’s no.1 favourite Cheddar cheese, Cathedral City continues the centuries-old tradition of premium Cheddar cheese production in the beautiful South West of England. The milk used to make this award-winning Cheddar is a result of the perpetually lush green pastures upon which the cows graze year-round, and give this authentic English Cheddar it’s unbelievably creamy richness.

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Duhaime Gourmet

The art of blending flavours isn’t just a claim at Duhaime… these guys are the real deal. Our go-to when it comes to beautifully made 100% natural fruit-sweetened quality spreads. Discover a masterpiece in every jar.

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Fine cheese deserves a fine cheese serving board, and nothing showcases a Nibbl cheese like these beauties from ETU. Exceptional craftsmanship and show-stopping design for your table. Simply gorgeous.

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Fantino & Mondello

Fine Italian Charcuterie takes generations to perfect. You can’t rush something that tastes this good. Only the best ingredients and 70 years of experience go into delivering the authentic flavours of Italy. Bite after bite after bite. Nibbl approved!

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Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps

When it comes to elevating cheese, few do it better than Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps. Small batch baked and the finest quality ingredients make them an all-time Nibbl favourite.

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Nonna Pia's

Bottling the true taste of Italy is no mean feat…  unless you’re Nonna’s! Inspired on a trip to Modena, Italy over two decades ago, the recipe for their classic Balsamic Glaze is kept close to the heart - but you should keep it close to your cheeseboard!

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A true pioneering name when it comes to fine Italian cheese-making in Canada, Saputo has been making their fine cheeses since 1954. Carrying on the traditional methods and attention to quality that has defined their reputation, Saputo continues to represent the ultimate expression of what authentic Italian Mediterranean cheese should and always will be - delicious!

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Woolwich Dairy

Canada’s leading goat dairy has been producing delicious cheese, milk and butter for the better part of 30 years. And they're proud of the expertise that they bring to crafting the finest goat cheese products money can buy. Exceptional goat goodness from real people making really good goat dairy.

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